CEUs for Assisted Living Administrators

All courses are NAB/NCERS approved. The cost is $17 per CEU.

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All Long Term Care Education.com courses are NCERS/NAB Approved
NCERS Approved This program is approved by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards. For additional information, contact NAB at 1444 I St., NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005-2210, (202)712-9040, or www.nabweb.org.

    Certificate in Assisted Living Facility Management ($385)
    Do you live in TEXAS? This is not the course for you. You will need to use our CALM Certification course.
    Part of our certificate + CEUs program, this course is designed for Assisted Living Facility Managers who wish to boost their resume and refresh their management skills. You will receive CEUs for each course listed plus a framable certificate to hang on your wall!

    Many states have minimal requirements for being an Assisted Living Facility Managers, yet the administrators are required to abide by many rules and regulations. This course is designed to give you training in all aspects of being an Assisted Living Facility Manager, from budgeting to infection control.

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    Price: $385.00
    LTCE 1-962 Emerging Horizons in Nursing Care Technologies (15.75 CEUs; $237.75)

    This course is based up on Eric Topol's book The Patient Will See You Now. NOTE: You are responsible for obtaining a copy of the text.

    New technologies are truly transforming the roles of the physician and the patient. Power and control is shifting from the physicians control into the patient’s hands. In the future the doctors’ roles will be that of more and more highly skilled interpreters of massive data available to both the doctor and the patient.

    What Dr. Topol does not directly address is that most of these new technologies will also dramatically empower the trained nurse. The nurse will be the new intermediaries in health care assisting both the physician and the patient as doctor and patient interact. Using the new technologies nurses in the nursing home and hospital settings will become ever more skilled and sophisticated interpreters of health care data and patient needs. As you read Dr. Topol’s book think about the ever more valuable role the nurse can contribute to future health care.

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    Price: $237.75
    Infection Control: Development of an Infection Control Program(5.75 CEUs; $97.75)  
    Development of an Infection Control Program for Nursing Facilities
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    Price: $97.75
    Infection Control: Guidelines: Managing Influenza and Norovirus Gastroenteritis Outbreaks(3 CEUs; $51)
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    Price: $51.00
    Infection Control: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in the Health Care Setting Guidelines (10.25 CEUs; $174.25)
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    Price: $174.25
    Infection Control: Chronic Wound Assessment and Care; Frequently Asked Questions about Equipment, Sanitation Environment; Pressure Ulcers (decubiti) - Prevention (3.25 CEUs; $55.25)
    This course covers four topics of importance to the long term care facility administrator:
    • Controlling flu
    • Controlling coughs
    • Hand hygiene
    • Overuse of antibiotics
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    Price: $55.25
    Infection Control:Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Health Care Settings (8 CEUs; $136)  
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) is of special concern in today’s long term care facility setting because most residents were exposed to TB in their early life. Some residents will have latent TB within their systems which may activate at any time due to a weakening immune system.
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    Price: $136.00
    Assisted Living: Industry Overview, Management, Leadership (3.5 CEU; $59.50)

    Provides an overview of the assisted living industry.  Defines the assisted living philosophy of service.  Exploration of types of assisted living facilities.  Exploration of the broader context of senior living facilities.  Profiles the

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    Price: $59.50
    Assisted Living Organizational Patterns and Human Resources (3.25 CEUs; $55.25) 
    The various organizational designs available for the assisted living facility are explored here.  The activities of daily living are defined and illustrated.  Income and expenses for the typical facility are illustrated. 
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    Price: $55.25
    LTCE 1-839 Assisted Living Facility Financing and Business Operations (4CEUs; $68) 
    The various configurations of housing in the assisted living industry are described and explored.  Ways to evaluate the financial strength of a facility are presented.   Cost and access to capital is explored.  Economic profile of a stabilized assisted living facility is presented. No matter how skilled an assisted living administrator may be at communicating and managing human resources, if the administrator does not manage financial resources equally as well, he or she will enjoy only a brief career in this field.
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    Price: $68.00
    Assisted Living - The Long Term Care Industry: Its Laws and Regulations (4.25 CEUs; $72.25) 
    The Assisted Living Facility Environment: The Long Term Care Continuum Laws and Regulations
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    Price: $72.25
    Assisted Living: Resident Care (5.5 CEUs; $93.50) 
    Caring for the residents is the administrator’s greatest challenge, for the administrator must ensure that, to the extent possible, each resident thrives. The “assisted” and “living” in assisted living means helping people make the best use of their remaining abilities and special talents.
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    Price: $93.50
    LTCE 1-960 Healthy Aging: Concepts  for the Administrator, the Facility Staff, and the Residents(11.25 CEUs; $171.25)  

    NOTE: You are responsible for obtaining a copy of the text. 

    Dr. Weil’s book, Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being is a major compilation of current information on research and thinking about well-being of persons as we age.

    This is, in essence, an outstanding book on gerontology, an examination of many aspects of healthy aging.

    This reading contains valuable information for:

    Your own personal successful aging in the high pressure role of long term care administrator

    Good information about ways to care for your staff’s health via helping them benefit from healthy aging habits

    Some really good suggestions for examining the extent to which your residents are experiencing a healthy aging life style in your facility.
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    Price: $171.25