CEUs for Nursing Home Administrators

All courses are NAB/NCERS approved. NAB CEU approval number will be printed on your course certificate.

The cost is $17 per CEU.

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All Long Term Care Education.com courses are NCERS/NAB Approved

NCERS Approved
This program is approved by the
National Association of Long Term Care
Administrator Boards.
For additional information,
contact NAB at
1444 I St., NW, Suite 700,
Washington, DC 20005-2210
(202)712-9040, or www.nabweb.org.
    Improving Human Resources (3.75 CEUs; $63.75)
    Improving Human Resources: Understanding the Departments and Organization of the Nursing Facility and its Staff
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    Price: $63.75
    Learning to Manage the Nursing Facility's Accounting (3.5 CEUs; $59.5)
    The administrator's roles in financial management, cash and accrual accounting, the steps in the accounting process, recording transactions and preparing financial statements - how to read and understand financial statements.
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    Price: $59.50
    Learning the Continuum of Long Term Care: Profile of the Nursing Home Industry(4 CEUs; $68)
    Background on the nursing home profession, overview of the industry today, understanding the long term care continuum from independent living to skilled nursing care.
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    Price: $68.00
    The Aging Process: What, Why? (6 CEUs; $102)
    Building yourResident Care Skills
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    Price: $102.00
    All courses are $17 per CEU. These courses cover the Federal Tags related to their topic.
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    Federal Requirements: ETHICS: Resident Rights; Resident Behavior and Facility Practices; Quality of Life (6 CEUs; $102)

    This is one of three courses which cover the Federal Requirements and Guidelines to Surveyors. The first course LTCE 1-700 covers Ftags 150 to F334.
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    Price: $102.00
    Federal Requirements: Resident Assessment and Quality of Care (13 CEUs; $221)

    In this course, LTCE 1-706 you will learn the content and how surveyors are instructed to interpret the following Ftags: F309 – F334
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    Price: $221.00
    Federal Requirements: Nursing Services, Dietary, Physicians, Dental, Pharmacy, Physical Environment, Administration (9.75 CEUs; $165.75)
    Dietary, Physician, Dental, Pharmacy Services: Detailed coverage of requirements facility must meet in the areas of dietary, physician services, specialized rehabilitative services, dental and pharmacy services, such as adequate and sufficient staffing, frequency of physician visits, required dental services, required pharmacy consultant, labeling and storage of drugs and biologicals.
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    Price: $165.75
    Infection Control: Development of an Infection Control Program(5.75 CEUs; $97.75)  
    Development of an Infection Control Program for Nursing Facilities
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    Price: $97.75
    Infection Control: Guidelines: Managing Influenza and Norovirus Gastroenteritis Outbreaks(3 CEUs; $51)
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    Price: $51.00
    Infection Control: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in the Health Care Setting Guidelines (10.25 CEUs; $174.25)
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    Price: $174.25
    Infection Control: Chronic Wound Assessment and Care; Frequently Asked Questions about Equipment, Sanitation Environment; Pressure Ulcers (decubiti) - Prevention (3.25 CEUs; $55.25)
    This course covers four topics of importance to the long term care facility administrator:
    • Controlling flu
    • Controlling coughs
    • Hand hygiene
    • Overuse of antibiotics
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    Price: $55.25
    Infection Control:Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Health Care Settings (8 CEUs; $136)  
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) is of special concern in today’s long term care facility setting because most residents were exposed to TB in their early life. Some residents will have latent TB within their systems which may activate at any time due to a weakening immune system.
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    Price: $136.00
    Federal Survey Procedures: Surveyor Tasks 1-4, Surveyor Tasks 5A-5C, Surveyor Tasks 5D-5G, Surveyor Tasks 6, 7+ deficiencies and Follow-Up (2.75 CEUs; $46.75)
    Covers the following survey site team required activities: Task 1 (Introduction and) Offsite Survey Preparation
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    Price: $46.75
    LTCE 1-770Overview of the MDS 3.0 RAIChapters 1, 2, and Chapter 3 Sections A,B,C(10.25 CEUs; $174.25)

    Overview of the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI), Using the Resident Assessment Instrument: In this course you will study Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and sections A, B, and C of Chapter 3.
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    Price: $174.25
    LTCE 1-776 Learning the Item-by-Item MDS Guide: Chapter 3 sections d through k (8 CEUs; $136)

    The purpose of this course is to offer clear guidance about how to use the Resident AssessmentInstrument (RAI) correctly and effectively to help provide appropriate care. Providing care toresidents with post-hospital and long-term care needs is complex and challenging work. Clinicalcompetence, observational, interviewing and critical thinking skills, and assessment expertisefrom all disciplines are required to develop individualized care plans. The RAI helps nursinghome staff gather definitive information on a resident’s strengths and needs, which must beaddressed in an individualized care plan.
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    Price: $136.00
    LTCE 1-780 Doing the Resident Assessment Protocols (13 CEUs; $221)
    This course coversMDS 3.0 Chapter 3 Sections L through Z;CHAPTERS 4, 5 and 6
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    Price: $221.00
    LTCE 1-960 Healthy Aging: Concepts  for the Administrator, the Facility Staff, and the Residents(11.25 CEUs; $171.25)  

    NOTE: You are responsible for obtaining a copy of the text. 

    Dr. Weil’s book, Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being is a major compilation of current information on research and thinking about well-being of persons as we age.

    This is, in essence, an outstanding book on gerontology, an examination of many aspects of healthy aging.

    This reading contains valuable information for:

    Your own personal successful aging in the high pressure role of long term care administrator

    Good information about ways to care for your staff’s health via helping them benefit from healthy aging habits

    Some really good suggestions for examining the extent to which your residents are experiencing a healthy aging life style in your facility.
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    Price: $171.25