State College and Contact Information

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State Requirements

NAB (NCERS) approved CEUs from this website are fully pre-approved by the following states:

Alabama 9 annually   New York 48 biennially
Arkansas 20 annually   North Carolina 10 biennially
California 40 biennially   North Dakota 20 annually
Connecticut 40 biennially   Ohio 10 annually
Delaware 48 biennially   Oklahoma 20 annually
Florida 10 biennially   Pennsylvania 48 biennially
Georgia 34 biennially   Rhode Island 40 annually
Idaho 12 annually   Oklahoma 20 annually
Illinois 12 biennially   Oregon 60 biennially
Indiana 40 biennially   South Carolina 20 annually
Iowa 40 biennially   South Dakota 20 annually
Kansas 50 biennially   Tennessee 18 annually
Kentucky 30 biennially   Texas 34 biennially
Louisiana 15 annually   Vermont 40 biennially
Maine 24 annually   Virginia 10 annually
Maryland 40 biennially   Washington 14 triennially
Massachusetts 40 biennially   West Virginia 20 annually
Michigan 36 annually   Wisconsin 24 biennially
Minnesota 20 annually   Wyoming 25 annually
Mississippi 20 biennially  
Nebraska 25 biennially  
Nevada 16 biennially  
New Hampshire 40 biennially  
New Jersey 40 biennially  
New Mexico 24 annually  

A Simple 1, 2, 3

  1. Set your Pace
  2. Do the Work: 1 hour of effort for each CEU
    (all the necessary materials and information are included online )
    • take short pre-test
    • read included content pages
    • take online quiz
    • your certificate will be available once you score 70% on the online quiz
  3. Receive CEU certificate online 

Quality Assurance

We Want You to be Comfortable that the Quality and Content of These Courses Meet Your Expectations

  • We Offer A Full Refund

    A full refund can be received until (whichever comes first):

    1. For a course: a course test has been opened and the certificate printed during the first 30 days following enrollment
    2. A federal manual has been downloaded and printed
    3. 30 days have passed since enrollment.