Types of Long Term Care

Certain industry segments offer a wide range of long term care services. The basic industry segments, moving from least to most intense care giving, are:

  • independent living
  • congregate care facilities (CCFs)
  • assisted living facilities (ALFs)
  • nursing facilities.

Independent Living: Absence of Health Services.

Range of settings... Independent living covers a broad range of settings in which persons, as a matter of preference and lifestyle, move into adult communities that impose age restrictions, offer social activities, and, often, increased security.

Lack of any health services... characterizes independent living settings. Size... may range from a single building to a large campus of buildings, to entire "city" settings. Sun City, Arizona is an independent living setting with over 100,000 persons aged 55 years and older living in duplex condominiums and similar housing styles. Sun City, as an organization, offers a wide array of social activities in large centers housing recreational and hobby facilities for residents.

Age range...The target population is generally 75 or younger. Congregate Living: Absence of Health Services, but Assistance with Activities Outside the Facility (the Independent Activities of Daily Living). 

Congregate care facilities provide social activities, security and non-health related services such as meals, housekeeping services and transportation.

Target population...The target population is typically persons aged 75 to 82.

Intermediate industry segment... Congregate care is an industry segment between independent living and the health-related services of the assisted living facility. Services... 

Focus... The focus is companionship, organized social activities and, in the event of a health related event, some personal care of a temporary nature. Congregate care facilities typically assist residents with the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs): these may include preparing meals, doing housework and outside the facility shopping and health care appointments.