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Following are links to other websites with content related to Long Term Care Long Term Care does not endorse sites listed on this page or vouch for the accuracy of their content. If you would like to suggest a site for inclusion on this page, let us know.

Government Sites
The overall federal agency overseeing health care -- Department of Health and Human Services.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid -- enforces federal requirements.
Federal requirements reports available for certified facilities in all states.
Major information on health rules, etc. associated with long term care facilities.
The federal government's administration on aging -- administers the Older American Act.
The Federal Register in which rules and regulations are published.
Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services
The federal government's National Institutes on Aging.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration -- OSHA rules and regulations.
Long term care health programs of the federal Housing and Urban Development.



  • 25+ Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sites on such topics as TB and nosocomial infections
  •  25+ Federal Government sites are linked on such topics as HIPPA, sterilants, antibiotic resistance
  • 12+ sites of slides, videos and images on topics such as hand hygiene and disinfection
  • 12+ sites on topics such as MRSA, OSHA record keeping requirements and TB
  • 20+ links to important associations such as APIC (Assn. for Profess. in Infection Conrol)
  • 9+ links to journals and publications such as Am. Jour. of Infection Control and NEJM
  • 50+ links to sites such as infection control guidelines, material safety data sheets
  • 20+ links to sites specific to long term care and hospice care such as EPA mold resources
  • 15+ links to wound care sites of value to nurses in the facility

 THESE ARE CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED AS NEW INFECTION CONTROL RECOMMENDATIONS ARE PUBLISHED....... it is important to visit this site every few months to learn what is new in infection control in the long term care facility setting.......

Major Long Term Care Organizations
The National Association of Boards of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators -- develops and offers the national exam and the domains of practice for nursing home administrators and assisted living administrators.
The national professional association of nursing home administrators.
The national association of long term care facilities.
Leading Age: The national association of not-for-profit long term care facilities.
The national assisted living association.

Professional Groups In The Aging Field
A major gerontology professional organization.
A major geriatrics society. has compiled extensive home health care information such as licensing requirements and state contacts. strives to serve as the informational resource for assisted living in the United States.
NAHC is the nation's largest trade association representing the interests and concerns of home care agencies, hospices, home care aide organizations, and medical equipment suppliers.
Adult Day Care resource is a senior care resource that offers a nationwide directory of nursing homes.

Book Publishers For Long Term Care Materials
Major publisher in the long term cares field.
Publishes the administrator-in-training manuals and national test guides.
Offers many books in the aging field. Visit Dr. Allen's recommended selections.
Offers many books in the aging field (Barnes&Noble).

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