Course Mechanics

Typical Course

A typical course (CEU or Licensure course) is completed entirely online. They consist of reading materials, typically downloaded as a document, and an activity or quiz to complete the unit. CEU courses are managed by the student - once the reading material is completed you may take the quiz and upon correctly answering 70% of the questions, you may print your certificate of completion. Pre-licensure courses consist of reading materials and assignments which are answered online. Dr. Allen will grade your assignments and upon successful completion of all assignments and answering correctly 70% of the quiz questions, your certificate will be made available. Keep in mind that the prelicensure courses are the equivalent of a college semester course and the reading and assignments are what you may expect from a collegiate course. Click here for a listing of all of our courses. Our courses may be completed on any tablet device that is able to read .pdf files.



Several assignments are based on interacting with staff in the long term care facility.   If you are not currently in a facility you can use a facility or facility situation with which you were familiar in the past to answer any question, just state in a sentence or two the circumstance you remember and write your answer on that basis.

When reading your answers I will be looking for evidence that you have read all the assigned material, understood what was presented, and are able to apply the concepts in written answers.

Ability to use new terms is important. Equally important, however, is that you use the terms in your own words -- do not simply repeat materials from the readings!


Case Studies

Case studies are used to stimulate thoughts about issues in the field. Each of the cases illustrates concepts covered in the materials.


NCERS Approval for Continuing Education Courses

The continuing education units offered through this website have been approved by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) which is a part of the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators. Each CEU course carries a specific NCERS approval number which serves as a unique course identifier which is sent to your state licensing board upon completion of the CEUs.


No Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge by the student is assumed. Most persons taking the course will already have expertise in one or more of the areas studied, in which case those areas will be more of a review. Persons of all educational levels from high school to graduate degrees register for these courses to meet educational requirements set by licensure boards, colleges or employers.


Prepare for the NAB exam

Preparing to take the NAB exam and want to be as prepared as possible to pass the first time?The two courses Long Term Care Education 201 (LTCE 201) and Long Term Care Education 202 (LTCE 202) are designed to prepare students to take the national exam. Click here for more information. If you have completed a course of study for the exam and merely wish to review, then our NAB Exam Preparation Course is for you. Click here for our NAB Exam Preparation course.