Long Term Care Education.com provides approved courses and resources for anyone involved or interested in the field of long term care.

All of our 500-575 and 700-720 courses include a copy of the updated Federal Regulations (Appendix PP, 2016).

CEUs for Nursing Home Administrators (NAB approved)

CEUs for Assisted Living Administrators (NAB approved)

NAB Exam Preparation

Licensure courses for AITs seeking original licensure in several states

Assisted Living Administrator certification in Texas and North Carolina

College Instructors in the long term care field

People interested in pursuing a career in long term care

**NEW** Dr. Allen's courses now ANCC approved for nurses!

In addition to general information about the field, LTCE.com provides current and future administrators with coursework for certification as well as continuing education credits (CEUs).

All online coursework is based upon the on-campus course taught by Dr. James E. Allen. The topics and activities are essentially the same in both courses. The entire course is completed via distance learning. Travel to North Carolina is not necessary.

Dr. Allen has been teaching similar courses on campus since 1982 as part of the long term care administration concentration within the bachelor's and master's program of the Department of Health Policy and Administration in the School of Public Health here at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The department has been cited as one of the leading two or three departments of health care administration in the nation. Much of the content of the courses comes from Dr. Allen's book which is used by universities throughout the United States.

Text selected as 2011 and 2013 Doody's Core Medical Title
Nursing Home Administration, the text on which the courses on this website are based was chosen in 2011 and again in 2013 as one of only five core medical titles in the nursing field being recommended by the library association for Health Sciences Libraries to add to their collection.

A “Core Medical Title” is defined as “…a book or software title that represents essential knowledge needed by professionals or students in each [healthcare] discipline and is highly recommended for the collection of a library that serves health sciences specialists.”

(The other titles are: Compact Clinical Guide to Chronic Pain; Dictionary of Nursing Theory and Research; Family Practice Guidelines; Nursing Interventions Through Time).